Completed Projects


2021: Workshop: 'Construktions of Religious Plurality in Austria
(Project Lead: Anne Koch, PHDL / Karsten Lehmann)

This workshops want to bring together researchers that are working on religious plurality in Austria. The workshop had initially been scheduled for May 8th 2020. Due to the CORONA 19-Pandemic the initial date had to be canceled and the meeting took placeon February 23rd 2021. The workshop is part of the Research-Ccoperation 'Religion_Plurality' undertaken by the KPH, Wien / Krems and the PHD Linz.

Online publication in 'Pädagogische Horizonte'

Programme of May 8th 2020


2019: Workshop 'History of Religions under the conditions of the nation state in German-speaking countries'
(Project lead: Karsten Lehmann / Wolfram Reiss, Vienna University)

It is interesting to see that present-day research on the history of religions is influenced by two opposing trends: On the one hand, church history tends to be more and more interested in processes of globalization (Daughrity 2012; Schjørring/Hjelm/Ward 2017/18). On the other hand, scholars of religion are increasingly working on religious plurality under the conditions of the nation state (Baumann/Stolz 2007; Hödl/Pokorny 2012ff; Junginger 2017). The workshop ‘History of Religions under the conditions of the nation state in German-speaking countries’ will open up an opportunity to systematically approach the question how to write a history of religions under the conditions of the nation state. First, this provides an opportunity to re-discuss central debates in the Study of Religions – e.g. the debate on the underlying concepts of religion as well as the relationship between religions and their socio-cultural context. Second, the workshop wants to draw attention to topics such as the relationship between religions and the idea of the nation; the systematization of religious plurality as well as the transnational dimension of a national history of religions.


2019: Workshop 'Dealing with Dying and Death in Elementary School'
project lead: Adem Aygün, KPH Viena / Krems


The Special Research Area “Interreligiosity" (SIR) has irganized a workshop on "How to deal with Dying and Death in Elementary School". In addition to the perspectives of three monotheistic religions, the focus of the workshop will be on the practice-oriented imparting of competences to deal with dying and death in class. The target group of this workshop are teachers of religion and students in teacher training for religious education. The workshop has been organized by Dr. Adem Aygün.

Programme of the Workshop


2016-2017: The Concept of ‚interreligious competence‘ in the curricula of University Colleges in Austria
project lead: Karsten Lehmann, KPH Vienna / Krems

The concept of ‚interreligious competence’ has emerged as one of the central categories of present-day discussions on the role of religion in educational contexts in Austria. This project is a cooperation between the Private University College Linz (Prof. Dr. Thomas Schlager-Weidinger), the University College of the Church Graz (Prof. Mag. Johann Krammer) as well as the University College of the Churches Vienna / Krems. The research team is analyzing the usage of the concept of ‘interreligious competence’ in the curricula of all University Colleges in Austria. To do so, it combines two empirical approaches: (a) content analysis of the curricula as well as (b) interviews with experts working in this field. Initial results will be presented in the context of the conference to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the establishment of the University College of the Churches Vienna / Krems. 

Publication in ÖRF - Österreichisches Religionspädagogisches Forum