The Discourse Series stands for a series of discussion meetings, organized by the SIR-Special Research Areas – in cooperation with the Research Focus Ethnic and (Inter-)Religious Education. It provides a space for in depth discussions of modern classics in the research field of religious plurality - and beyond. Every session focuses upon a recent publication that is frequently regarded as a major research-contribution to the field. The Discourse-Series is open to all students and staff of the KPH.

The poster advertising the present series: Religion and post-colonial Theories

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Posters advertising past series:

Summer-Term 2023: Materials for Global Citizenship Education

Winter-Term 2022/23: Youth - religious und non-religious

Summer-Term 2022: Present-day Debates on Global Citizenship Education

Winter-Term 2021/22: Transmission of Religions and Worldviews in Austria

Summer-Term 2021: Global Citizenship Education and Sustainable Development Goals

Winter-Term 2019/20: "Capability Approach"

Summer-Term 2019: Inclusion – Minorities – Religion

Winter-Term 2018/19: How young people talk about Religion

Summer-Term 2018 : Practical Models of interreligious Learning

Winter-Term 2017/18 : Interreligious and intercultural Dialogue

Summer-Term 2017 : Interreligious Competence