Religious Education Protestant
Campus Vienna-Gersthof

Severin-Schreiber-Gasse 1-3
1180  Vienna
opening hours
Mon – Thu   07:30 – 17:00
Fri  07:30 – 14:30

The so-called “Steinhaus” (“Stone House”), a spacious privately-owned villa in Vienna’s 18th district, was acquired by the “Evangelische Frauenschule” (“Protestant Girls’ School”) in 1958.

In 1970 the new building was erected in the park of the “Frauenschule” by the governing body of the Protestant Church, Augsburg Confession, and was joined with the old building with an annex in 2002.

Ever since its foundation the Department for Pre-Service Elementary Teacher Education for Religious Education (Protestant), the Department of Teacher Professional Development for Religious Education (Protestant) and the Department for Pre-Service Secondary Teacher Education for Religious Education (Protestant) have been located there.