The University College of Teacher Education currently offers the following study programmes at the two campuses in Vienna-Strebersdorf and Krems-Mitterau:

  • Bachelor’s Programme and Master’s Programme: 
    Teacher Training Certificate for Primary Education

    This comprehensive eight-semester Bachelor’s programme (240 ECs) is based on the latest findings in research and includes a strong focus on hands-on teaching experience. It can be pursued at the campuses in Vienna-Strebersdorf and Krems-Mitterau and leads towards a BA Certificate of Primary Education. Additional credits can be obtained to gain a Master’s degree. Both qualifications enable graduates to teach at primary level. 
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  • Bachelor’s Programme and Master’s Programme: 
    Teacher’s Training Certificate for Secondary Education

    Pre-service teacher training for secondary education is offered jointly in the network region North-East with the participation of all teacher education colleges in Vienna and Lower Austria and also includes the University of Vienna.
  • Bachelor’s Programme: Elementary Education – Inclusion and Leadership

    The Bachelor’s programme Elementary Education – Inclusion and Leadership covers a workload of 180 ECs and lasts for six semesters.
  • Master’s Programme: Post-graduate Teacher Education Certificate for Qualified Musicians

    This two-year degree course, jointly offered by the University College for Teacher Education Wien/Krems, the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna, the Teacher Education College in Lower Austria and the Teacher Education College in Vienna, specifically addresses artistically qualified graduates who wish to obtain a teaching degree in music for secondary schools. 
  • Bridge Course for In-Service Teachers

    Upon successful completion of this course, graduates fulfil the admission requirement for entering a Master’s degree Programme for Primary Education.
  • Pre-service Teacher Training for Religious Education

    The University College offers three study programmes for Religious Education.

    [A] Within the four-year Bachelor’s programme for general primary education, students can opt for the special focus  
         “Religious Education” (60 ECs). Upon completion of a Master’s degree, this course qualifies for Religious Education at 
         levels 1 – 4 (Master’s Degree 60 ECs) or at levels 1 – 9 (Master’s Degree 90 ECs).

    [B] A Bachelor’s Degree course for secondary education in conjunction with one additional degree course is offered in 
         cooperation with the University of Vienna in the network region North East. 

    [C] Graduates of the six-semester Bachelor’s degree programme for primary education have the opportunity to obtain 60 
         ECs within the new special focus programme Religious Education. This course entitles graduates to enrol in a 
         consecutive Master’s degree programme and is also a teaching qualification for Religious Education.

    The College offers religious education programmes for the following denominations and religious groupings:
    • Roman Catholic
    • Protestant and Old Catholic
    • Orthodox
    • Oriental Orthodox
    • Free Church
    • Islam
    • Alevi
    • Jewish
    • Buddhist


NOTE: courses are held in German