The specific ecumenical character of the University College of Teacher Education manifests itself in the activities of the pastoral team, which consists of Roman Catholic and Orthodox priests and one Protestant pastor. Their ecumenical cooperation is expressed in their motto: „Everybody who works at the college is invited to share this community with the pastoral team as they are baptised into Christ and to let God’s Kingdom resound in their diversity.”

The Christian spirituality as practised at the University College of Teacher Education fosters interreligious encounters. At the Strebersdorf Campus a room of silence, designated to prayer and meditation, is also open for all non-Christian groups. This room is equipped with prayer stools, cushions and prayer and hymn books as well as prayer rugs to encourage interreligious gatherings. SCIVIA (lat. for “Know your ways”), the center for pastoral care and communication located in Krems-Mitterau is a unique place of vivid exchange and pastoral care and serves as an open forum for lecturers, students and college staff alike.