Since spring term 2017 the staff of the research area of interreligiosity offers a Research Lab that is open to colleagues of the KPH Vienna/Krems and of the University of Vienna. This Research Lab is an open space to discuss empirical data. Researchers can use it to present and discuss data from their empirical projects.

Here you will find the prgramme for the winter term.

(Please contact: Prof. Dr. Karsten Lehmann: karsten.lehmann [at]


A selection of the project-plans presented by members of the SIR in the context of the Research Lab can be found here:

WiTe 2021/22: Remembering Religious Education during the inter-war Period

SuTe 2020: Online and offline Portals - Protestant Parishes in Vienna

SuTe 2019: The ‚World’s Parliament of Religions‘

WiTe 2018/19: Parties and Factions within Religionsn

SuTe 2018: On the Plurality of religiously affiliated NGOs within the United Nations

WiTe 2017/18: Religion, Popolar Culture and Economy

SuTe 2017: Civil Religion in the USA - between Obama and Trump