Discourse-Series: Religion and Postcolonial Theory

During the winter-term 2023-24, there will be another discourse-series - in cooperation with the Forschungsbereich Ethische und (Inter-)Religiöse Bildung.

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© Karsten Lehmann

The series will focus on post-colonial theories. It will take place on site, on wednesday, between 5:30 pm and 7 pm at Lacknergass 89.

These are the dates and topics:

Wednesday, 25.10.2023: 
Bachmann-Medick: Postcoloniale Turn 
(presenter: Elisabeth Zissler)

Wednesday, 22.11.2023: 
Morosoli: Widerstand und Kontemplation 
(presenter: Edda Strutzenberger-Reiter)

Wednesday, 13.12.2023: 
Laack: Wozu Postkolonialismus? 
(presenter: Karsten Lehmann)

Wednesday, 17.1.2024: 
Brandstetter: Die Migrationsandere und ihre Religion 
(presenter: Bettina Brandstetter)

You will find further information here.

Please be so kind and register in advance:

karsten.lehmann [at] kphvie.ac.at

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