25.2.2021: Kick-off Workshop RELIGION_PLURALITÄT

Prof. Dr. Anne Koch (PHDL) and Prof. Dr. Karsten Lehmann had the pleasure to organize a workshop under the title 'The Production of Religious Plurality in Austria'. The workshop served as the kick-off meeting of the research cooperation RELIGION_PLURALITÄT.

© PHDL / KPH Wien/Krems

Approximately 30 researchers from Universities as well as University Colleges from all over Austria participated in the workshop. They presented papers on various aspects of religious plurality in Austria - including papers from the Academic Study of Religions, the Pedagogy odf Religions, Theology as well as the Sociology of Religions. Rector Franz Keplinger (PHDL) had been so kind to welcome the scholars and to participate in most of the panels.

The workshop had initially been planned for Spring 2020. Due to the CORONA-pandemic it had to be postponed. Some of the papers will be published on the peer-reviewd, online-journal 'Pädagogische Horizonte'.

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