Books for self-study and classroom use 


Carleton-Gertsch, Louise: Words in Context. Thematischer Oberstufenwortschatz Englisch. Third extended edition (Klett) 
ISBN 978-3125199453

McCarthy, Michael: English Vocabulary in Use - Upper-intermediate. Third edition. (Cambridge University Press)
ISBN 978-3125349575

Murphy, Raymond: English Grammar in Use. Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate.With answers. Fourth Edition.(Cambridge University Press)
ISBN 978-0521189392 without CD ROM
ISBN 978-3125345737 with CD ROM

Parrott, Martin: Grammar for English Language Teachers.  Second edition. (Cambridge University Press)
ISBN 978-0521712040 

Ur, Penny: A Course in Language Teaching. (Cambridge University Press)
ISBN 978-1107684676


Recommended but optional:

Hancock, Mark: English Pronunciation in Use. Book + audio CDs (Cambridge University Press)

McCarthy, Michael: English Vocabulary in Use - Advanced. (Cambridge University Press)
ISBN 978 0 52165397 8

Swan, Michael: Practical English Usage. Third new edition. (Oxford University Press)
ISBN 978-0194420983

Ur, Penny: Grammar Practice Activities. (Cambridge University Press)
ISBN 9780521732321

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