Study at the KPH Vienna/Krems

The University College of Teacher Education of Christian Churches Vienna/Krems (KPH) offers a four year (8 semesters) Bachelor's Degree for teachers at primary schools. Please follow the link to find more information about our study programme.

As an Erasmus student you can choose from all lectures offered in the respecitve semester (winter or summer).

German as a foreign language, Incomings Austria, Cross Cultural Learning and Incomings Drama are bilingual lectures which are only offered for Erasmus students. Most of the other courses, which Erasmus students visit together with Austrian students, are taught in German. We invite you to apply even with little knowledge of German (B1), since the curriculum of the Education for Primary Schools encloses a lot of practical education like art, sports, music, choir, arts and crafts (textile and technical). 

Teaching practice, also in English language, is possible to be organised at both campuses, too.

Please contact the campus where you would like to study!

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